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Download Football Strike Mod APK (Unlimited Cash and Coins) Latest Version Free for Android devices. Get unlimited Coins and cash in the game and have fun while playing the game.

Online games designed on the base of the football theme are been talking of town for a long time. One of those is Football Strike Mod Unlimited Cash and Coins. You will get unlimited cash and unlimited coins in your account after downloading this mod apk. You can earn more scores by engaging in either multiplayer free-kick face-offs or career mode of the game. If you are a Soccer fan then Football Strike Mod APK is the best game for you as in this game you can play with millions of online players and can show them your skills in the game.

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App Info of Football Strike Mod APK:

Application Name Football Strike Mod APK
Size 56 MB
Downloads 100 Million +
Version V1.26.0
Android Requires 4.1 or Latest version
Developed by
Updated on June 08, 2020
Interactive Element Online Digital Purchases
Offered By
Developer Website
Requires ROOT Permission No



Features of Football Strike Mod APK:

In this mod apk, you will get the following features in the game.

  • Unlimited Cash.
  • Unlimited Coins.
  • Free to Download.
  • It is very easy to install Football Strike Mod
  • You won’t be needed to root or jailbreak your device.

The game lasts for only two minutes which makes this game more popular as it won’t take much of your time. You can also easily skip the entire football match and easily jump to the most interesting point of the game like Penalty Shootouts. You can also switch between the roles of football striker and goalkeeper, and through this, you can easily check your abilities while portraying both the roles. Football Strike Mod APK is very similar to the Dream League Soccer.

Description of Football Strike Mod APK:

There are a lot of football simulation games are available for mobile phones. But it is very difficult for the user to find out the one in which the user can just focus on kicking goals and guarding the goal post. Football Strike Mod Unlimited Coins and Cash is a very simple game that only focuses on kicking goals and guarding the goal post. you can easily Download Football Strike Mod From our site with just one click.

You can also play as a goalkeeper in this game with very realistic graphics. Football Strike Mod is so straight forward game without compromising the fun and excitement. This game will not bother you with complicated game mechanics as it lays out clear objectives for you. With every new level, new obstacles will be revealed for a more challenging game.

The graphics and Sound effects of this game are also very attractive. the graphics of the football strike mod are very detailed with great colors and also very responsive.

The sound effects of the Football Strike Mod are also very realistic and attractive. You will gonna love the sound effects of the game.

Football Strike Mod Download

The Gameplay of Football Strike Mod APK:

The gameplay techniques in the Football strike Mod are pretty simple and easy to understand. When you want to kick the ball into the goal post then simply swipe your figure on the screen in the direction you want your ball to move. Similarly, when it is your turn as the goalkeeper then swipe your figure in the direction in which you want your goalkeeper to dive and save a goal for your team.

There are two major modes of Football Strike Mod APK.

Shooting Race:

In a Shooting race, you will be paired with another player and the main goal of the game will have to get the higher points at the end. At the start, you will get only 45 minutes and you will get an additional 5 seconds after every tier. In this mode, you will have to hit the target places in the specific area of the goal post.

The higher tier will have additional challenges like moving target, hit before your opponent, and hit through the obstacles. The view and angle of the goal post will automatically change after each score is made.

Free Kick:

This mode is most popular among the teams due to a lot of astonishing features as it offers remarkable 3D Graphics, easy control mechanisms, and an opportunity to style and customize your player according to your interest. One of the best parts of this mode is that it never lets the competition die out. this game is all about the penalty kick.

3D Realistic Graphics and Exciting Sound Effects:

The graphics and avatars of the players are made in every detail. The Football, Uniforms of the players, the goal post, and the stadium and its environment, and every spectator in the background everything is made in detail and 3D animation.

The Sound Effects of Football Strike Mod APK are also very realistic and exciting which gives you the feeling of actually being in a stadium. You’ll notice these sound effects when you will kick the ball, jump for the defense, and clapping and cheering of the audience. All of these sound effects make the Football Strike Mod more thrilling and that penalty kicks even more exciting.

Customization Options of Football Strike Mod APK:

You can also customize your controls in 3 different main options like Shot Power, Shot Accuracy, Shot Curve, and Goalkeeping. In Football Strike Mod You can also change the design of the ball, kits, and appearance of your avatar.  You can access these options from the dedicated customization button in the lower part of the game’s home page.

The option for kit customization in football strike mod s noteworthy. You can also choose to play as a man or a woman. You can also choose different fecial appearances for both men and women. Different hairstyles are also available for both.

You can change your uniforms but you will have to get those uniforms from the Elite Bags. Elite Bags are locked in the shop. You can purchase those elite bags in Footbatt Strike Mod APK with the money of the game which you will get by playing and leveling up in the game.

Football Strike Download now

Controls of Football Strike Mod APK:

It is very easy to learn the controls of the Football Strike Mod as there are only a few controls. you’ll have to just swipe in the direction in which you want your ball to goo and being a goalkeeper you will have to swipe in the direction in which you want your goalkeeper to dive.

You will just have to take care of the timing and have to make the shot at the perfect time and also will have to move your goalkeeper in the perfect time and the perfect direction.

Tips and Tricks for Football Strike Mod APK:

There are different tips and tricks for you to apply in the game to increase your level and easily win the game.

When to Kick Slowly and Quickly: In the Shooting Race mode, the accuracy of the shoot is more important than the speed of the shoot because you will have to target the specific position. In Free kick complete goalpost is yours and you can shoot as fast as you want.

Target the Orange Spots: Whenever you will see the target in the match then there will be orange spots in the goal post. They are often found in the center of the round target or top corner of the goal post. By hitting those orange spots you will get more points. These orange target remains stationary which make them easier to hit.

Upgrade Your Avatar and Ball Stats: One of the smartest moves you can take in the Football Strike Mod is to upgrade your avatar and ball stats. As I mentioned 4 stats above you can customize those stats and make your player the best all over the world. The speed of your kick will be faster, more accurate and your defensive skill will also become better.

You can upgrade your avatar and balls by collecting cards. You will get these cards randomly from victory loot bags.

Football Strike Mod APK – Always Goal, Easy Lucky Ball:

There is a free download of a football strike mod in which you will get always goal features through which you will never miss the goal. With the easy lucky ball feature, you can easily upgrade your football skills.

Permissions for Football Strike Mod APK:

This app has access to:

Wi-Fi connection information.

  • view Wi-Fi connections.


  • receive data from the Internet.
  • View network connections.
  • full network access.
  • run at startup.
  • prevent the device from sleeping.

What’s New in Football Strike Mod APK:

  • Be amazed by the brand new Ball Trails. Check the “Customize” section and choose yours – we are giving away 2 new Ball Trails for FREE to get you started!
  • Send and receive coins from your friends in seconds with just 1 tap
  • Bug fixes and general optimizations

Football Strike Mod Latest Version

How to Download and Install Football Strike Mod APK in Android?

Here is an easy step by step procedure to download the Football Strike Mod Latest Version on your Android and get Unlimited Money.

  1. Click the Download Button Given Below to Download the Football Strike Mod Latest version.
  2. Wait for the app to be fully downloaded and then open the app.
  3. Click on the Install button to Install the App.
  4. Make sure that the unknown source for the installation from the 3rd party application is allowed in the setting of your android device.
  5. After the installation of the app, Open and enjoy the Football Strike Mod.



How to Enable Unknown Source for the Football Strike Mod APK?

  1. Open the Setting of your Android Smart Phone.
  2. now open the Security Manu of the App.
  3. Now, under the Device administrator look for the Unknown Sources option.
  4. Turn On the Unknown sources option.
  5. It’s Done.


If you need any type of help regarding the installation of the Football Strike Mod APK or any other Mod application then you can freely ask in the comment section below. Thanks for Downloading From the


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