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Sonic Dash Mod APK (Unlimited Money) Latest Version Free Download. It is one of the most incredibly interesting and most popular runner game of all time. Sonic Dash APK is developed by SEGA. the Developers of the Sonic Dash Mod offers its users the to become the fastest hedgehog in the world for some time and run at a great speed and along your way collect all of the coins that come across your way. Sonic Dash has great graphics and Incredibly convenient and simple controls for its users.  On your way into the game, there will be a lot of opponents which you will need to overcome or bypass. Improve your character in the game and pump his skills, which will help your character to run even faster.

Sonic is one of the most played games, as it was released in 1991 and Sonic, has enjoyed a lot of popularity over nearly three decades. At present, it is still loved by a lot of players and they choose to download this game on their device and enjoy it in their free time. Sonic is one of those games which can be played on portable game consoles, PCs, and most popular today which should be must be mentioned Smartphones. Sonic Dash Mod is also another version of this famous character released by SEGA itself on the Google PlayStore. So without wasting any time grab your phone and download it to review the old memories of yours before watching the latest movie SONIC: The Hedgehog (2019).

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More About Sonic Dash Mod APK

Play the Sonic Dash Mod as a Hedgehog and Run, Jump and dash your way to the finish line of the game. Download the Sonic Dash Mod Latest Version on your android devices to take the sonic the hedgehog out of a crazy adventure where you will be able to utilize his awesome speed to run through all manner of obstacles.

Sonic Dash Mod App is an arcade game for Android. Download the Latest Version of Sonic Das Mod APK to get the Unlimited Money and Unlocked All Characters.

Sonic Dash Mod APK looks just like the original one, but it contains even more awesome modes and features for you to play in. In this game, your mission is to run as fast as you can and collect all of the coins you can collect in your way and defeat your opponents with Sonic’s devastating homing attack, or with his awesome speedy dash move.

What’s the Speed of the World’s Fastest Hedgehog?

In the first Sonic Dash, Mod APK looks like a game that is only about speed race. Sonic Dash Mod is not an Exception Game as it allows its players to control the character to move on many different paths in the game. The ultimate goal of the Sonic Dash Mod that you must achieve is not to die on the way you travel. When will the game end? well, it depends on the skills of the player playing the game as it is an endless game just like the Temple Run and Subway Surfers.

Players of Sonic Dash Mod will have to Move fastly on many challenging roads and must have to avoid bumping in any obstacles. the speed of the Sonic will increase gradually with time and the challenges will also appear with increasing Frequency to make the game difficult for its players. A lot of rings will be scattered on the road on which you will be running, makes the ways to collect as many as much you can. But don’t be greedy because sometimes it’s a trap.



Additional Information About Sonic Dash Mod APK:

Application Name Sonic Dash Mod APK
Size 96.3 MB
Downloads 1 Million +
Version 4.15.0 Version
Android Requires 4.0 or Latest version
Developed by SEGA
Updated on May 13, 2020
Interactive Element Online Purchases
Offered By SEGA
Developer Website
Sonic Dash MOD Apk
Sonic Dash MOD Apk

Modification on Sonic Dash Mod APK:

  • You, Will, get Unlimited Money in the Sonic Dash Mod Latest version.
  • A new episode is unleashed in the game.
  • This Mod apk is Ad-Free.

Mega Mod Information:

  • You will get unlimited rings.
  • unlimited numbers of red stars will be available in the game.
  • New episodes are being unleashed.
  • Dash meter rapid replica.
  • Ad-Free.

Tips to Play Sonic Dash Mod APK:

Whether you are a new player or you have played this game before you will have to pay full intention to a few steps and tricks to help you to play to the best of your ability.

Kill Enemies:

Kill all of the enemies come across your way. But the more opponents you kill while running, the faster the meter will fill and when the meter fills, the Sonic will become incredibly fast and will be invincible for a short period of time. The best way to fill up the bar of your meter is to run over enemies and perform super cool combos in the game.

Save your Rings in Sonic Dash Mod APK:

In the Sonic Dash Mod you can lose your Rings by bumping on obstacles, so whenever you see the little ring icon appear at the top of the screen, don’t forget to press it to save your rings for the next time. It is better to spend your coins on upgrades and other things than to simply lose them all.

Spend Rings on Upgrade:

In Sonic Dash Mod APK you can spend all of your rings on boosts. Boosts make the sonic a handy kick ass. But spending your coins on permanent upgrades is actually better than that. To stack up rings in a sonic dash mod is not easy, so it is better to spend them on the permanent upgrades than on the fleeting boats which lasts only a few seconds.

Stay Cool when Fighting the Boos:

The Bosses in the Original Game of Sonic Titles were difficult to defeat as compared to this game. The bosses in Sonic Dash Mod are a little easier to navigate in Sonic Dash Mod APP. Simply focus on that were the boos is aiming and don’t get hit by that. Also, avoid bumping into the obstacles while fighting with the boos.

Classic Sonic vs Sonic Dash Mod APK:

Sonic Dash Mod is just like the classic Sonic game, as this is an endless runner game that has all the action-packed fun inside and stunning visuals which you need to keep yourself entertained. If this is not enough for you then join in some of the awesome boss fights and take the fight to your enemies with cunning haste.

There are multiple characters in the Sonic Dash Mod APK to play a role, including Sonic himself and his buddies Tails, Shadow, and Knuckles. Fight against Dr. Eggman and deadly Zazz! Fight until you and during the fight don’t forget to collect all of the coins.

You can also win and purchase super cool power-ups, Which will make your character run faster, give you a shield that will protect you, and also will allow you to cause absolute chaos while running.

Once you get your hands on the game that you will be able to win prizes in daily challenges and more in the Sonic Dash Mod APK. So download now the Sonic Dash Mod and experience the most popular endless running game on your android device.

Sonic Dash mod apk download

Features of Sonic Dash Mod APK:


Play Sonic Dash Mod with the world-famous and fastest Sonic the Hedgehog in his first endless running game and challenge yourself that How far you can go?


While playing the sonic Dash Mod unleash the incredible Dash move of the Sonic the Hedgehog which will allow you to run at insane speed and destroy everything.

Amazing Abilities:

Your character in the game contains a lot of amazing abilities, utilities those abilities to dodge hazards, jump over barriers, and speed around loop de loops. Also, defeat your opponents using Sonic’s Devastating Homing attack.

Stunning Graphics:

The Graphics of the Sonic Dash Mod APk are so stunning that it will give you fascinating feelings. Sonic’s Graphics are beautifully detailed which makes you easily play the game.

Multiple Characters:

There are different characters available in the Sonic Dash Mod APK to play with including Sonic, Tails, Shadow, and Knuckles.

Epic Boss Battles:

You will have to face Sonic’s two biggest rivals Dr. Eggman and Deadly Zazz who always scheming to catch the sonic and to use his abilities to take down the world. Use all of the sonic’s abilities and play that game and defeat those enemies.


There are a lot of power-ups in the game which will come across your way, pick those power-ups and use powers like Head Starts, Sheilds, Ring Magnets, and unique Score boosters.

Keep on Running:

Keep running in the game and complete unique missions and win amazing prizes including Red Star Rings & additional characters by completing Daily Challenges and Playing Daily Spins.

Socially Connected:

You can challenge your friends from the leaderboards and you can also invite your friends from Facebook and prove that who is the best speeder.

Application Permissions for Sonic Dash Mod APK:

Sonic Dash Mod App has access to:

Wi-Fi connection information.

  • view Wi-Fi connections.


  • receive data from the Internet.
  • View network connections.
  • Open network socket.
  • Prevent the processor from turning off or blacking the screen.
  • full network access.
  • prevent the device from sleeping.

What’s New in Sonic Dash Mod APK:

  • Bug Fixes and refinements.

Sonic Dash Mod Download Now

How to Download and Install Sonic Dash Mod APK in Android?

Here is an easy step by step procedure to download Sonic Dash Mod Latest version on your Android and get Unlimited Money.

  1. Click the Download Button Given Below to Download the Sonic Dash Mod Latest version.
  2. Wait for the app to be fully downloaded and then open the app.
  3. Click on the Install button to Install the App.
  4. Make sure that the unknown source for the installation from the 3rd party application is allowed in the setting of your android device.
  5. After the installation of the app, Open and enjoy the Sonic Dash Mod.



How to Enable Unknown Source for the Sonic Dash Mod APK?

  1. Open the Setting of your Android Smart Phone.
  2. now open the Security Manu of the App.
  3. Now, under the Device administrator look for the Unknown Sources option.
  4. Turn On the Unknown sources option.
  5. It’s Done.


If you need any type of help regarding the installation of the Sonic Dash Mod APK or any other Mod application then you can freely ask in the comment section below. Thanks for Downloading From the


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